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What Does I AM MORE Mean to You?


Unfortunately, in many cases struggling students are unmotivated, unengaged, and frustrated with learning to read and write. As teachers and librarians, we see this all the time. But how do we get these students interested—let alone excited about—something in which they’ve had a long history of failure?

The I Am More movement invites us to see a district, teacher, or student for more—for what they can do instead of their limitations, and for more than what meets the eye. It also emphasizes the unique role English Language Arts skills play as the foundation for learning in all academic areas. The better a student understands text and language, the more that student can learn and excel in other areas of life.

What better way to reinforce this message than by entering a contest that challenges us all to think differently, and gives teachers the chance to show what “more” means in their classroom? Watch this webinar and see how one teacher and her students are celebrating #IAmMore, the movement that allows us all to showcase how every student’s skills can be used to become all they dream possible.

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Shannon Miller
McClintock Miller

McClintock Miller

Shannon McClintock Miller is an international speaker, consultant, literacy expert, and children’s book author with a passion for education, advocacy, technology, social media, and making a difference in the world and lives of others. She serves as the K–12 district teacher librarian at Van Meter Community School District in Iowa. Shannon presents and consults around the world, bringing her expertise and vision to conversations about literacy, education, technology, creativity, and student voice.

In 2011, Shannon was awarded the Connecting People Shorty Award. In 2013, she was named one of the Faces of Innovation from Broadband for America. She also was featured in the 2013 Center for Digital Education Yearbook, and one of the Connected Educators with the Connected Educators projects partnered with the U.S. Department of Education. In 2016, she was awarded the Making IT Happen Award by ISTE.

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