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No matter where learning happens, we have you covered with evidence-based, K–12 literacy, math, professional learning, and assessment solutions for remote, hybrid, and in-person learning environments.

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All students have a right to be successful in the classroom and in life. Through trusted assessment, high-quality professional development, and evidence-based intervention, we make this a reality for every learner.


Searching for powerful and insightful assessment tools? Explore these evidence-based solutions that support data-driven instructional decisions and improve student outcomes.

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Reading and writing are the building blocks of all learning. Reading proficiency translates across all subject areas and helps develop engaged, successful students. At Voyager Sopris Learning®, we are passionate about providing educators with superior literacy curricula, supplemental solutions, and interventions that work.

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With today’s emphasis on developing students who can succeed in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), it is essential to provide teachers with a strong core curriculum in math that also has targeted supplemental solutions.

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Professional Development

Our professional development solutions and services connect educators, researchers, and authors to increase student achievement. Ranging from literacy, to math, to classroom management and behavior, these resources engage educators in meaningful content and actionable, evidence-based practices.

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Empower Literacy Educators.

Teaching literacy is challenging work for even the best teachers. Our LETRS® professional development solutions provide preK–12 educators with the background and depth of knowledge to teach language and literacy skills to every student, especially those who struggle.

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One Solution Does it All.

Teachers get the resources, support, and training they need to effectively teach literacy. Students develop essential reading skills through blended learning models and engaging age-appropriate content. See how LANGUAGE! Live® offers more features in one comprehensive solution.

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Support for Students with Dyslexia

Take a look at our various products, including LANGUAGE! Live and LETRS, that follow the Structured Literacy approach recommended by the International Dyslexia Association (IDA). You'll find grade-appropriate solutions that provide explicit, systematic, and cumulative foundational reading skill instruction, as well as professional development options.

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Remote Learning and the Science of Reading
Jessica Kent

The science of reading ... has allowed me to transition from a traditional classroom teacher to a virtual classroom teacher. Anyone can open a reading program and read the scripted text, but what happens when you do not have that reading program? LETRS provides you with the why (science) and the how (science) to teach reading, no program needed. LETRS teaches the science of reading which can be applied to any student, while being based on their individual level.


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Retire Your Word Wall: How Sound Walls Support the Science of Reading
Guest: Mary Dahlgren
Release Date: July 29

The science of reading indicates students need to master phonemic awareness skills before they match the sounds to print, and phonics instruction is needed before students begin decoding text. We know this information, yet A-Z alphabetical word walls are still used in many classrooms, requiring students to match print to speech instead of sound. In this podcast, literacy and sound wall expert Dr. Mary Dahlgren will share why it is so important to implement a sound wall in the classroom and how it benefits reading development.


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Remote Learning Strategies: Using REWARDS Intervention to Accelerate Literacy
August 11 | 3:00 p.m. (CT)

As the school year opens, many educators will be teaching lessons remotely. Join Dr. Anita Archer, senior author of the respected REWARDS® intervention solution, as she shares strategies, tips, and best practices you can immediately implement to help all students achieve literacy success. Dr. Archer will introduce REWARDS program modifications designed to optimize student learning, including alternative active participation strategies, assessment procedures, and management practices. You will learn how easy it is to implement REWARDS with fidelity, even while teaching remotely, and how to engage your students and activate learning—regardless of the reading solution currently in use.


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 The Science of Reading Webinar Series
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