The Specialist in Reading, Writing, and Math Intervention

Fully focused on intervention, we have established four decades of results that demonstrate the efficacy of our solutions. Providing a holistic offering of reading, writing, and math interventions and assessments, our solutions help educators create strong, sustainable foundations to ensure academic success for all students.

We have thoughtfully developed blended, face-to-face, and online practice programs that work together to support flexible, teacher-led instruction and personalized learning paths to meet the unique learning needs of students of all abilities. We want to partner with you to help every student master the foundational skills they need to be successful in school, career, and life.

Voyager Sopris Learning is part of Lexia®, a Cambium Learning® Group company. Across all areas of our business, Cambium strives to support education’s need for simplicity, certainty, and “now.”

Why Voyager Sopris Learning?

Voyager Sopris Learning is solely focused on intervention, with four decades of results to support its expertise and leadership.

Voyager Sopris Learning offers a holistic suite of interventions to help students master foundational reading, writing, and math skills.
With a 40-year legacy of results, and the most-admired teacher-led intervention programs, educators trust Voyager Sopris Learning products.
Renowned Authors
Voyager Sopris Learning’s programs are created by the industry’s mostrespected minds and renowned curriculum authors in their fields.
Voyager Sopris Learning gives educators flexible, easy-to-implement blended learning programs for students of all abilities that work with any core curriculum, and in any environment.