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Reading Intervention in Middle School: Critical Steps for Success

The evidence is compelling – early identification and intervention is key to providing the greatest opportunity to “close the gap” among struggling and successful readers. However, the stark reality is that many older students are reading below levels which enable them to comprehend grade level, and content-area texts.

Although an approach to intervention for older students may require some modifications, the components of explicit instruction, structured literacy, and ample opportunities to practice to fluency remain the cornerstone of good instruction. Join Dr. Julie Klingerman as she explores these facets of intervention unique to older students:

  • How do the components of a structured literacy approach apply to older, struggling students?
  • How can intervention be accelerated in both word recognition and language comprehension to prepare students for the rigors of content-area reading?
  • Which kinds of practice are most motivating to students in grades 4 and up?
Participants will engage in the research and practical application of these topics and more, as Dr. Klingerman explores the unique needs and challenges of working with older students with complex literacy profiles.



Julie Klingerman
Dr. Julie Klingerman
National LETRS Trainer
Julie Klingerman has worked in education for more than 34 years, during which she has been a classroom teacher, literacy coach, and reading specialist for primary and secondary students. She earned her doctorate in reading and literacy in 2016 and is an adjunct instructor of literacy for graduate students at Liberty University and Wilson College. Dr. Klingerman also is a national LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling) trainer and an enthusiastic advocate for research-based professional development for all teachers.
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