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Voyager Sopris Learning® now delivers Acadience’s powerful and effective preK–8 assessment tools throughout the United States. Together, we give educators greater access to evidence-based assessment tools to support data-driven instructional decisions and improve student outcomes.

These solutions feature quick, reliable, and valid measures for all students, including those with dyslexia, that indicate if they are on track for reading and math success and pinpoint where they are struggling. We are committed to ensuring your data needs are met. Searching for powerful and insightful assessment tools? Explore these solutions.

Explore Acadience Assessment Solutions

Acadience® Reading K–6
(previously published as DIBELS Next®)

Grades K–6 | Designed to predict early reading success and identify students experiencing difficulty in the acquisition of foundational literacy skills to provide early literacy support to prevent later reading difficulties.

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Acadience Reading 7-8

Acadience® Reading 7–8

Grades 7–8 | A universal screening and progress monitoring assessment that measures the acquisition of content-area literacy skills for 7th and 8th grade students.

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Acadience® Reading Survey 
(previously published as DIBELS Next® Survey)

Grades K–6 | Designed as a companion tool for use with Acadience Reading K–6 to determine instructional level and progress monitoring.

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Acadience Reading Pre-K

Acadience® Reading Pre-K: Preschool Early Literacy Indicators (PELI®)
(previously published as Preschool Early Literacy Indicators [PELI])

Ages 3 to 5 | A storybook-embedded assessment used to measure pre-literacy and oral language skills needed for kindergarten.

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Acadience Math

Acadience® Math
(previously published as DIBELS® Math)

Grades K–6 | A math assessment used to identify students experiencing difficulty with acquiring foundational math skills.

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Acadience® Reading Diagnostic:
Phonemic Awareness & Word Reading and Decoding
(PA & WRD)
(previously published as DIBELS® Deep: PA & WRD)

Grades K–6 | Assesses critical reading skills for students in grades K–6 and older students with very low skills linked to screening information from Acadience Reading.

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Acadience® Reading Diagnostic: Comprehension, Fluency, & Oral Language (CFOL)
(previously published as DIBELS® Deep: CFOL)

Grades K–6 | A diagnostic assessment of comprehension, fluency, and oral language linked to screening information from Acadience Reading.

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Acadience Data Management

Acadience® Data Management

Grades preK–8 | A fast and accurate way to enter results online and receive a variety of reports that facilitate instructional decision making at the district, school, classroom, and student levels. 

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Acadience Data Management

Acadience® Rapid Automatized Naming (RAN)

Grades K–1 | A brief assessment that can be used with Acadience Reading K–6 to screen students for reading difficulties such as dyslexia.

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Acadience Learning Online

Acadience® Learning Online

Grades K–6 | Acadience® Learning Online (ALO) is a new, online touch-enabled test administration and data system that allows educators to assess students and immediately see results, providing robust reporting at the student, class, school, and district levels.

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Expert Authorship

Authored by respected researchers Dr. Roland Good and Dr. Ruth Kaminski**, these assessments are the same solutions you know and trust. Backed by years of research featuring quick, reliable, and valid measures for all students, including those with dyslexia, these educational tools have proven track records of success and will help you determine if and where students struggle. 

**Drs. Good and Kaminski are not associated with any new measures under the DIBELS name, such as DIBELS 8th Edition. The product known as DIBELS 6th Edition is no longer available from Acadience Learning or Voyager Sopris Learning.

Roland Good

Dr. Roland Good

Ruth Kaminski

Dr. Ruth Kaminski

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Dyslexia Screening and the Use of Acadience Reading

Acadience Reading provides one of the best methods of identifying students who are at risk for early reading difficulties, including dyslexia, monitoring those students to determine whether they remain at risk, and identifying students who are not making adequate progress and should be referred for further assessment.

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Progress Monitoring and Goal Setting

WEBINAR: Improving Reading Outcomes Through Goal Setting and Progress Monitoring

A student who begins the year at the cut point and does not make progress is unlikely to achieve subsequent grade level outcomes without additional support. With that in mind, every educator will want to view this useful and timely presentation by the co-author of Acadience Reading (DIBELS Next). Dr. Good outlines and explores strategies and resources to help educators improve reading outcomes using efficient monitoring and reasonable goal setting.

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Increasing Early Literacy Outcomes Through an Assessment Audit

If your district has been adding assessments year after year, but you still cannot quickly answer key questions about reading outcomes, it might be time to conduct an assessment audit. Learn more about what an audit is, and how it can benefit your district.

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