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Your Literacy Assessment Toolbox: Effectively and Efficiently Informing Schoolwide Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

Join education and assessment expert Dr. Kelly Powell-Smith of Acadience Learning as she examines the critical issues educators face when making assessment decisions. Which assessments are necessary to support schoolwide Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) in the area of literacy, and when should they be used?

You’ll walk away from this informative session with newfound understanding of:

  • The various purposes assessments serve and what kinds of reading assessments are needed in a MTSS
  • How to connect reading assessments to critical questions educators need to answer in a MTSS
  • How to design an effective and efficient reading assessment system that results in actionable data leading to improved student outcomes

Dr. Powell-Smith will share application of these ideas in pre-K–8 settings, and she will provide specific examples and recommend resources.

We hope you’ll join us!



Dr. Kelly A. Powell-Smith
Dr. Kelly A. Powell-Smith
Chief Science Officer at Acadience Learning

Kelly A. Powell-Smith, Ph.D., NCSP, is Chief Science Officer at Acadience Learning. She is the lead author on Acadience® RAN, Acadience® Reading Survey, and Acadience® Reading Diagnostic assessments. Dr. Powell-Smith, a nationally certified school psychologist, obtained her doctorate in school psychology from the University of Oregon. She has served as an Associate Professor of School Psychology at the University of South Florida, a faculty associate of the Florida Center for Reading Research, and consultant with the Eastern Regional Reading First Technical Assistance Center. In addition, she has served on several editorial boards. Dr. Powell-Smith has provided training in formative assessment and academic interventions in 22 states and Canada and conducted more than 260 national, state, and regional workshops and presentations.

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