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  • Dr. Ruth Kaminski

    Dr. Ruth Kaminski

    Acadience Learning


    Meaningful Assessment—And Why It Is Critical for Reading Success

    Release Date: Thursday, August 4, 2022

    In this podcast, Dr. Ruth Kaminski, coauthor of Acadience® Learning K–6 and other respected assessments, will discuss the many aspects of assessment that make it a meaningful and essential tool for preventing reading disabilities and promoting reading success.

    Join us as we talk with Dr. Kaminski about the reasons educators should rely upon assessment for curriculum alignment, progress monitoring, and classroom planning.

    We’ll explore:

    • The critical nature of assessment
    • Who should be assessed, when, and how often?
    • How assessment can help teachers align their reading instruction with the science of reading
    • The various features of assessment that make it meaningful for teachers

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