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Dr. Louisa Moats
Author of LANGUAGE! Live®
Why the ‘Science of Reading’ Needs the ‘Science of Teaching’
February 28, 2023

The “science of reading” refers to a vast body of multidisciplinary research providing a rationale for what must be taught to ensure almost all students can learn to read.

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John Arthur
John Arthur
2021 Utah Teacher of the Year and 2021 Finalist for National Teacher of the Year
Connecting the Dots Between Engaging Literacy Instruction/Intervention and Empowered Student Voices
February 16, 2023

As educators, we all share a special love for students and readers who struggle, so we will be emphasizing the strategies that have proven most effective for our multilingual learners, students with IEPs, and those with specific reading difficulties like dyslexia.

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Voyager Sopris Learning
The Reading, Writing, and Math Intervention Specialist
The Human Attributes of Teaching, According to Dr. Anita Archer
February 9, 2023

Dr. Archer has researched, taught, consulted, and motivated for decades. Literacy teaching is who she is, however, she is also known for her ever-present encouragement of teachers far and wide. She is known to help a new teacher with advice and build up frustrated educators as they strive to do what’s best for their students.

Joan Sedita
Joan Sedita
Founder of Keys to Literacy
The Writing Rope: A Framework for Evidence-Based Writing Instruction
January 18, 2023

The ability to write is as essential to learning as the ability to read.

Jason Dehart
Dr. Jason DeHart
Teacher, Wilkes Central High School, Wilkesboro, NC
Literacy for Older Readers: Why It Is Never Too Late
January 5, 2023

Jason D. DeHart is a passionate educator, currently teaching English at Wilkes Central High School in Wilkesboro, NC. He served as a middle-grades English teacher for eight years and an assistant professor of reading education at Appalachian State University from 2019 to 2022.

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Voyager Sopris Learning
The Reading, Writing, and Math Intervention Specialist
Educators’ Choice: EDVIEW360 2022 Year in Review
December 15, 2022

Here at EDVIEW360, we are looking back at 2022 with a feeling of gratitude for a rewarding year. First, we’re thankful for our community of educators and readers. Having an engaged audience that offers such insightful input and feedback keeps our content timely and relevant. Thank you.