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Donna Hejtmanek
Donna Hejtmanek
Former educator and founder of “Science of Reading—What I Should Have Learned in College” Facebook Group
How I Started the Science of Reading—What I Should Have Learned In College Facebook Group, and Why Teachers Need It
January 20, 2021

In October 2020, the Science of Reading—What I Should Have Learned in College Facebook group reached 50,000 members and continues to grow at a rate of about 1,000 members per week. Many, if not most of these new members, are new to the science of reading. Our mission is to continue to share with the membership opportunities to learn how the science can be implemented at home or in their classrooms.

  • Science of Reading
  • Teacher Preparedness
Horacio Sanchez
Horacio Sanchez
CEO, Resiliency Inc.
A New Bias: The Poverty Problem
January 11, 2021

The patterns associated with poverty in America have created a new bias in the school setting. It is difficult for teachers to see a Black student and not subconsciously associate them with the behaviors commonly exhibited by low socioeconomic students, and research confirms this.

  • Poverty
  • Social-Emotional Literacy
Gomez-Jenny croppedSQUARE
Jenny Gomez
Sales Executive, Voyager Sopris Learning
Three Simple Ways to Reclaim Focus in 2021
January 6, 2021

How can educators maintain a certain sense of well-being at the start of the new year given legitimate fears about health and safety, educational gaps, and a social and emotional disconnect from students? How do we put 2020 in the past (where it belongs) and look to a happier, healthier 2021?

  • 2020
  • Self-Care
Dr. Louisa Moats
Author of LANGUAGE! Live®
Reflections on the 2019 NAEP: Where Do We Go Now?
November 5, 2020

Results of the 2019 National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) are in, and the picture is not pretty when it comes to fourth grade reading scores.

  • Literacy
  • Mississippi
  • NAEP
  • Science of Reading
Hafen-Linda croppedSQUARE
Linda Hafen
Account Executive, Voyager Sopris Learning
Embracing the Challenge—Teaching K–5 Students to Read
October 29, 2020

Studies that emphasize both classroom instruction and supplemental intervention programs have found that all but two percent to five percent of students can learn basic reading skills in first grade, even in populations where the incidence of poor reading is very high.

  • Literacy
  • Reading Instruction
  • Reading Intervention
  • Science of Reading
Brandi Kenner
Dr. Brandi Kenner
Founder and CEO of Choice-filled Lives Network
Spotlight on Social-Emotional Learning and its Inextricable Tie with Language and Literacy Development
October 22, 2020

Social-Emotional Learning has become a hot topic for education audiences from practitioners to researchers, and even curriculum developers. However, while the social-emotional domain is certainly a critical component of human learning and development, I push the educational and scientific communities to remove the silos and begin to grapple with the inextricable ties between social-emotional learning and other aspects of learning and skill development, particularly in the language and literacy domain.

  • Early Childhood
  • Early Literacy
  • Social-Emotional Literacy