Whole- and Small-Group Instruction: Steps for Successful Intervention


Whole-group and small-group instruction are essential parts of a literacy block in an elementary classroom. Time with the whole class allows the teacher to deliver core instruction to all students. Time in small groups allows the teacher to differentiate instruction to better support each student. Small-group time is also an effective way to provide targeted intervention for students who need extra support in foundational literacy skills.

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Hannah Irion-Frake
Hannah Irion-Frake
Third-Grade Public School Teacher

Hannah Irion-Frake is a third-grade public school teacher with more than 15 years of teaching experience in second and third grades. She is a graduate of Bucknell University, Bloomsburg University, and the University of Massachusetts Lowell with Masters degrees in reading and curriculum & instruction. Irion-Frake is a Local LETRS® Facilitator and is committed to spreading awareness about the science of reading. She shares actively about how she brings Structured Literacy practices into her own third-grade classroom on her Instagram account, @readingwithmrsif, and on Twitter, @readingwithmsif. She lives in central Pennsylvania with her husband, also a teacher, and their three sons.

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