Students gained almost Two Years' Growth  in one year!


LANGUAGE!® Live California blends the best of student-directed online learning with the essential aspects of teacher-led instruction to empower struggling learners and close the reading and writing gap.

LANGUAGE! Live California is proven effective with a wide range of student populations. This dynamic program can be part of an overall approach to helping students who struggle—whether due to language barriers, disability, or learning challenges—to experience success in literacy.

Blended Instructional Model with Two Major Components



Leverages the power of the technology to solidify foundational literacy skills in a private and personal learning environment



Leverages the power of the teacher to guide students in grade-level writing and close reading of Common Core text through precise instruction, flexible pacing, and ample practice

Built to quickly move adolescent learners to grade-level literacy expectations

This research-based, award-winning program meets the California CCSS and the California ELA Framework. When used as part of an overall approach to literacy improvement with special populations, LANGUAGE! Live California helps districts meet:

  • The requirements of Assembly Bill 1369
  • A variety of student needs and school schedules with personalized learning and flexible pacing—including options for Core Replacement (90 minutes) or Supplemental Instruction (45 minutes)

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What is LANGUAGE! Live