Students gained almost Two Years' Growth  in one year!


LANGUAGE! Live California is for struggling adolescent readers and writers.

LANGUAGE! Live California works in many different scenarios, including in general education classrooms. With that in mind, we designed this intervention program for the individual needs of all types of learners—including English language learners, special education students, those with learning challenges, and any student who struggles to read at grade level. Regardless of learner needs, the goal of LANGUAGE! Live remains the same—accelerate students’ literacy growth so they meet grade-level expectations and can successfully participate in core instruction.

Backed by solid research, LANGUAGE! Live California is a part of your district's solution to literacy challenges faced by students who struggle.

Students enter the program at a point designated to meet their instructional needs. This entry point will stretch students without frustrating them. Students have the opportunity to progress through the online Word Training component at their own pace—allowing for demonstration of mastery early on and sparing students precious time working on skills they have already honed.

Pacing guide suggestions are available for students who need intensive intervention as well as students who need to fill particular gaps. Providing an online student experience allows individuals to move ahead quickly where skills have been met or slow down when there are instructional gaps.

The blended model provides a variety of ways to individualize support and modify the lessons to meet the needs of a specific group of students in the classroom. The reporting system allows teachers to quickly identify individual needs to increase the rigor or intervene with support. Teacher reviews and alerts deliver the notifications teachers need to investigate the instructional needs of a specific student or a small group of students struggling with similar skills and modify lessons as needed.

Instructional modifications are provided throughout LANGUAGE! Live—alleviating the need to guess at the next best approach for a specific learner. Here are some examples:

Online Foundational-Skills Instruction
  • Preview the instructional videos that teach the specific skill
  • Reteach a lesson or series of activities
  • Review Unit Goals and Fluency Checks with students to discuss progress
  • Reassign a unit or lesson if a student's performance is below 70
Text Training
  • Preteach more difficult skills
  • After students have completed Content Mastery, use the Reteach lessons
  • Assign and reassign online practice activities
  • Preteach or reteach based on individual needs
  • Revisit graphic organizers to provide additional support
  • Utilize provided tools to increase students' background/content knowledge to support participation
  • Use vocabulary logs to help students track and learn difficult words
  • Use posters and other resources for quick reference and reminders
  • Use sentence frames or starters to help students with responses

Contrastive Analysis charts

New Contrastive Analysis charts help teachers differentiate instruction for English learners – highlighting major differences in phonology and grammar between students' first languages and English.

Sound Library

A built-in sound library allows ELs to practice their second language by recording and listening to themselves speak.

Instructional Videos

More than 600 instructional videos help students learn at their own pace and replay instruction as many times as needed to understand directions and concepts.