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Expand Your Options for State Funded Reading Assessments

Explore Acadience Learning’s new dynamic online platform—Acadience Learning Online

Acadience Learning, an approved vendor for assessment and data management in Utah, has a new platform to introduce you to--Acadience® Learning Online (ALO). ALO is an online, touch-enabled test administration and dynamic data system available to your district as a new choice for leveraging the Acadience Reading K-6 assessments. ALO allows Utah educators to assess and score students online and immediately engage with the data through dynamic reporting dashboards. This new platform provides efficiency in administration and scoring so educators can spend more time using the data to make instructional decisions for their students. Additionally, it is the only online, dynamic platform designed by the original authors of Acadience assessments, Dr. Roland Good III and Dr. Ruth Kaminski, that supports their research and vision.

Join Acadience expert, Dr. Jennie Tober, to learn more about how choosing ALO can help your district achieve its reading goals.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to administer Acadience Reading K-6 measures with ALO
  • How ALO compares to other data management systems—like Acadience Data Management
  • How ALO supports efficiency with dynamic scoring and instant data visualization
  • How to engage with the data through dashboards to help plan for instruction and intervention—including your historical data
  • How to save time by using Pathways to Progress to set goals and monitor progress


Jennie Tober

Dr. Jennie Tober

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