Vocabulary Morphology Curriculum for Grades 4–12

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What is Vocabulary through Morphemes?

Vocabulary through Morphemes is a newly revised word study resource that teaches students the most common prefixes, suffixes, and roots and fosters a deeper understanding of the English language with:

  • 90 lessons in structural analysis (morphology)
  • Detailed lesson plans provide structured, systematic instruction
  • Decoding of words through morphemes (suffixes, prefixes, and roots)
  • Study of common prefixes and root words
  • Analogies, related word families, and synonyms and antonyms
  • 20 formative assessments and seven summative assessments that track application and acquisition
  • Latest version includes a dozen new reading passages

Motivating for Every Student (Grade 4–12)

With 13 bonus multisensory activity pages, Vocabulary through Morphemes features engaging word sorts and word-building activities that motivate students and make word work fun! The intriguing activities boost interest in words, word origins and word history.


Systematic, structured, explicitly taught lessons unlock the keys to the Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon origins of words and build vocabulary knowledge


Fosters linguistic insight, word consciousness, and morphological awareness


Deepens language understanding, creating better readers, spellers, and thinkers


Improves spelling skills, fluency, vocabulary, and overall reading comprehension


Places a strong focus on vocabulary and fluency development


Saves time as each lesson can be taught in just 20 minutes

Who Benefits from Vocabulary through Morphemes?

Vocabulary through Morphemes benefits students in grades 4–12, and has been especially effective with English language learners since it helps students grasp an understanding of the English language.



Create better readers, spellers, and thinkers