Effectively increases reading fluency and comprehension for all students

Simple and hassle-free, The Six-Minute Solution builds students’ fluency across all grade levels. The program empowers teachers to make the most of every second with an efficient, fast-paced instructional routine that takes marked steps toward reading success.

The Six-Minute Solution Field Test Summaries

The Six-Minute Solution helps teachers challenge all of their students to build fluency and comprehension skills

Quick and Easy Implementation

  • Materials are user friendly and time efficient
  • One book includes all resource materials
  • Teachers are provided explicit instruction

Benefits All Students

  • Helps struggling readers gain fluency first at word level, then passage level
  • Challenges competent readers with expressive texts that are difficult and sophisticated
  • Content-area texts are organized by interest level and readability, individualizing practice for all learners

Performance Improves in ALL Content Areas

  • Nonfiction passages support science, social studies, and humanities to build background knowledge
  • Fluency helps students complete class and homework assignments efficiently
Extension of Teacher Instruction

Independent Studies Verify Student Successes using The Six-Minute Solution

Summer school students experience OUTSTANDING GAINS

“Reading gains recorded by the summer school intervention students were outstanding in many cases. Pre-assessment fluency scores on a sixth grade passage ranged from a low of 40 correct words per minute (cwpm) to a high of 136 cwpm. Post-assessment rates ranged from a low of 61 cwpm to a high of 195 cwpm. The average reading fluency gain was 36 percent.”

—Working with Words: A Summer Reading Intervention Program” (Adams, Brown, and Van Zant, 2000)

95 percent of students demonstrated SIGNIFICANT GAINS

“The Six-Minute Solution was implemented in two classrooms: a heterogeneous fourth-grade classroom of 31 students and a combined fourth–fifth grade class in the Los Penasquitos Academy. In the fourth–fifth grade Academy classroom, 24 of the 25 students (95 percent) demonstrated a significant gain in oral reading fluency as measured by a comparison of pre- and post-cwpm scores on grade-level passages.”

—Working with Words: A Summer Reading Intervention Program” (Adams, Brown, and Van Zant, 2000)
Six-Minute Solution Results

Students more than two years behind in reading make significant gains at Meadowbrook Middle School in Poway, CA

Administrators at Meadowbrook Middle School placed 52 students who were reading at least two years below grade level, in a 24-day program using The Six Minute Solution. By the end of the program, all students experienced significant gains in reading fluency and comprehension.