The REWARDS family of products has been rigorously tested to ensure effectiveness

The REWARDS family of reading and writing intervention materials is specifically designed for adolescent struggling learners in grades 4–12, with every instructional activity backed by sound research foundation and evidence to support its effectiveness.

Independent Research validates the REWARDS’ instructional approach

SIGNIFICANT GAINS made across reading levels

“Post-tests indicated that after treatment and maintenance [of REWARDS], students in both high- and low-mastery groups made significant gains in word and text reading skills and in oral reading fluency as long as mastery level criteria were maintained at 80 percent and regardless of whether they practiced with passages or sentences.”

Florida Center for Reading Research: REWARDS Intermediate and REWARDS Secondary

Success Stories


Struggling students improve reading skills, make gains across all subject areas at Icicle River Middle School in Leavenworth, WA

Sixth grade students who struggle with fluency and word structure make gains across all subject areas as they become confident and successful readers by using the REWARDS intervention program.

REWARDS is fantastic because it takes all of the pieces that you need to teach these kids and puts it in one place for you.”

—Anita Gildersleeve, sixth grade ELA Teacher, Icicle River Middle School, Leavenworth, WA

What I Love About REWARDS

Katie Benning, Master Reading Teacher, talks about why REWARDS works in her classroom at Jerry Zucker Middle School in North Charleston, SC, and how her students vastly improved capacity for breaking down multisyllabic words and words they don’t know.


"Our high school teachers are amazed and joyous over the progress our students are making. We put some sixth grade readers in the program and they jumped to eighth grade readability."

–Debra Berlin, Secondary Reading Coordinator, Broward County School District