Small Group Reading Lesson Plans (Grades 2-4)

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What is RAVE-O?

RAVE-O® is a small-group, evidence-based literacy intervention curriculum for students in grades 2–4, which empowers them to read text deeply to build new knowledge, develop new ideas, and reach new levels of reading achievement.

  • Accelerates learning
  • Prevents and closes the reading achievement gap
  • Improves student performance across key literacy domains
  • Promotes fluency, comprehension, and deep reading
  • Progress monitored through ongoing, informal assessments

More than 10 years of gold-standard research reveals RAVE-O increases Word Attack, Vocabulary, and Comprehension


RAVE-O takes reading intervention beyond the typical decoding program and moves it to a more comprehensive level, where students learn the power of words and how they grow into meaningful text


RAVE-O has been field tested for more than 10 years and can be used effectively in a variety of settings


RAVE-O is for Students in Grades 2–4 Who May:

  • Be one year behind on standardized tests
  • Do not meet Acadience® Reading K–6 benchmarks
  • Who may qualify for Tier II or Tier III instruction

RAVE-O also benefits those students who have weaknesses in one or more areas of language knowledge, and struggling readers who are also learning English.

Evidence Based

RAVE-O results, studied in various contexts—school-based intervention, summer school, and after school programs—consistently demonstrate accelerated student growth in reading.

Proven Results

Federal Study Details

Geographical Location: multicity, urban
Context: school-based intervention
Students: 279

  • grades 2–3 impaired readers
  • four treatment groups
  • controlled for socioeconomic status, race, and IQ

Treatment: 70-hour intervention sessions
    RAVE-O combined with phonemic awareness and blending program

RAVE-O Balances Science and Motivation by:

Improving Fluency Beyond Repeated Reading

  • Read fast, accurately, and for meaning
  • Build fluency across several literacy domains
  • Use background knowledge and word meanings to quickly understand words in context

Motivating Instructional

  • Word Detective uncovers mysteries behind words and context
  • Multisensory activities used to explore and understand words
  • Build meaning and understanding through manipulations of language

Building Comprehension Beyond Understanding the Text

  • Understand, interact, and analyze text
  • Development of unique thoughts, opinions, and responses after reading a text
  • Explore the richness of language through imaginative, connected texts

Videos That Illustrate The RAVE-O Difference


Clark County School District, Las Vegas, NV

Hayes Elementary teacher Denise Gorelick describes how her students are inspired by the characters in RAVE-O to learn the meaning behind complex words and sentences and form connections that facilitate learning and literacy.


Author Maryanne Wolf Describes RAVE-O

The unique, cutting-edge instruction delivered by RAVE-O explicitly connects every aspect of a word as it is encountered—phonemes, meanings, morphemes, grammatical functions, and spelling patterns

Close the reading achievement gap