LANGUAGE! Fourth Edition

Arkansas DOE-Approved Intensive Literacy Intervention Curriculum

Grades 4–12

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What is LANGUAGE! Fourth Edition?

LANGUAGE!® provides an explicit, systematic instructional approach that's proven to accelerate the skills' growth of struggling readers or those with dyslexia or other reading challenges. Educators are equipped with intensive literacy intervention that develops foundational literacy skills such as vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, writing, grammar, and spoken English.

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LANGUAGE! is Remote Ready with:

Sample Delivery Plans ● SmartBoard Lessons ● Downloadable Homework Pages ● eBooks ● Remote Student Engagement Ideas


Vocabulary enhancement and morphology including grammar and usage to increase sentence structure and patterns


Foundational skill building with phonemic awareness and phonics, word recognition, and spelling


Digital, streamlined teacher materials and flexible implementation model for teachers


Engaging multimedia informational presentations using several media sources to inform, describe, and build background knowledge


Writing progression to quickly advance students from foundational to sophisticated composition


ESSA evidence level: Strong 

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LANGUAGE! Fourth Edition Meets the Needs of Any Student in Grades 4–12 by:

  • Rapidly advancing struggling readers to grade-level literacy
  • Filling gaps in literacy learning and ensuring strong foundational skills
  • Building student experiences with literary and informational text
  • Preparing students for literacy in all content areas
  • Providing comprehensive results documentation—proven to accelerate growth
  • Meeting student needs with multiple entry and exit points and ongoing differentiation
  • Integrating powerful technology to empower teachers to deliver instruction digitally
  • Incorporating Six Traits of Writing to help students build sophisticated writing skills

Evidence Based

LANGUAGE! integrates reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, foundational skills, and spoken English. The entire curriculum weaves all of the necessary strands of literacy into six instructional steps of a daily lesson.

 Research Foundations

Proven Results

With LANGUAGE! Fourth Edition, students have consistently exceeded typical Lexile® growth. These results were demonstrated in a study conducted with a Three-Year Cohort (2011–2014) that included students in grades 4–12 in 163 districts, in 42 states.

 Research Summary