What is eSolution?

eSolution: Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension is a supplemental resource for teachers of students in grades 3–12. The program combines fluency practice with vocabulary and comprehension strategies to create powerful instruction in the foundational skills essential for successful reading development.

Why eSolution?

With 150 informational texts at each level, eSolution:

  • Increases reading fluency in just six minutes per day
  • Goes beyond fluency to deep, close reading
  • Provides formative reading assessment data to guide instruction
  • Focuses on domain-specific text and vocabulary to improve content-area achievement
  • Provides essential vocabulary and comprehension strategies for students to use with any text
  • Empowers students to read text at increasing levels of complexity
  • Provides questions that reflect state test items
  • Supports the Common Core Standards Reading Informational Text
  • Delivers student academic success

Who Benefits from eSolution?

eSolution supports all students in grades 3–12 who need intervention services 
to improve reading comprehension and build academic vocabulary. Additionally, struggling and proficient readers benefit from timed, peer-to-peer repeated readings. English language learners (ELLs) who need to develop academic language skills in order to increase academic background knowledge also benefit from the program.


The blended approach offered by eSolution features:

  • Teacher-led intervention lessons
  • Ongoing fluency practice that builds speed, accuracy, and reader confidence 
  • Proven, research-based methods for developing and improving vocabulary
  • Differentiated instruction that promotes deep reading through comprehension strategies
  • Engaging online activities that increase opportunities for success outside of academic settings 
  • Independent online vocabulary and comprehension practice
  • Detailed reports to guide the response to instruction
  • Educational games that reward and motivate students while extending instruction

Motivating for Every Student

The features delivered by eSolution energize students and get them excited about learning. The program promotes a sense of confidence in answering a variety of test questions while also preparing students for the rigors of academic testing. Student motivation increases as students see, firsthand, how the material they are learning applies to the world around them.

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