The Power of Print: Inspiring Classroom Discussion and Motivation

Dr. Louisa Moats

Author of LANGUAGE! Live and LETRS

Release Date: Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Join us for an inspiring conversation with Dr. Louisa Moats, author of LETRS® professional learning and LANGUAGE! Live® reading intervention, as we talk candidly about the power of printed books and materials and how educators can best select and use them to encourage student motivation and engagement—while helping all students build essential reading skills.

Dr. Moats will share her thoughts about digital fatigue, the power of print, in what ways teachers and students should be trusted to select what they read both inside and outside of the classroom, and more.

This conversation will provide thought-provoking information for all administrators and teachers who work with struggling readers, especially those in middle school and beyond. 

Guest Presenter


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