Look Ahead to Summer and Fall Success Using Spring Assessment Data

Dr. Kelly A. Powell-Smith

Dr. Kelly A. Powell-Smith
Vice president and director of research and development at Acadience Learning

Release Date: May 4, 2021

With vaccination efforts in full swing, September is likely to see a strong return to in-classroom instruction. How can educators prepare for summer school or a new school year after students have seen extended periods outside the classroom? In this important podcast, assessment expert Dr. Kelly Powell Smith—vice president and associate director of research and development at Acadience—shares the key indicators that educators should look for when reviewing spring literacy assessment scores, along with how to pinpoint where students are struggling so you can plan for summer or fall intervention and instruction.

Listeners will learn:

  • Why end-of-year assessment data matters
  • What to look for when analyzing reading assessment scores
  • How to use literacy assessment scores to drive summer and fall instruction
  • Strategies to use for planning for summer and fall intervention


Dr. Kelly A. Powell-Smith is vice president and director of research and development at Acadience Learning, where she conducts research on assessment and intervention related to early childhood language and literacy development. Dr. Powell-Smith, a nationally certified school psychologist, obtained her doctorate in school psychology from the University of Oregon. She is a former associate professor of school psychology at the University of South Florida, was a faculty associate of the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR), previously served as a consultant with the Eastern Regional Reading First Technical Assistance Center (ERRFTAC), and has provided training in formative assessment and academic interventions in 22 states and Canada. Dr. Powell-Smith has conducted research related to children with various learning and behavioral difficulties; has served on the editorial boards for the School Psychology Review, Psychology in the Schools, School Psychology Forum, Journal of Evidence-Based Practices for Schools, and Proven Practice in the Prevention and Remediation of School Problems; and has conducted more than 230 national, state, and regional workshops and presentations.

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