Small-Group Reading Intervention

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What is The New Herman Method?

The New Herman Method® is a successful small-group reading intervention for struggling students that incorporates a multisensory approach to teaching and reading.


Multisensory-bihemispheric instructional techniques to address problems in retention, visual and auditory processing, spatial orientation, and sequencing


Consistent emphasis on comprehension through decoding, encoding, structural analysis, sight words, contextual clues, and dictionary skills


Materials to teach a carefully controlled reading sequence that correlates with spelling and handwriting instruction


Sentence cards, software programs, phrase list reading, workbook activities, practice readers, and reading games to reinforce instruction


Daily lesson plans for teaching each skill, including two Teacher Guides with specific objectives and attainable goals


Provides numerous opportunities for student responses in every lesson through a technique called "Attribute Reading"


Why The New Herman Method?

  • Track record of success spanning more than 35 years with disadvantaged students, English language learners and students with special needs
  • Incorporates latest reading research into its multisensory approach
  • Consolidated and redesigned content presented in a streamlined format
  • Effective use of teacher class time

Who Benefits from The New Herman Method?

The New Herman Method’s multisensory-bihemispheric approach benefits students in grades 3–6 who need help compensating for their visual and auditory processing problems.


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