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K–5 Online Practice of Essential Reading Skills

What is Reading Rangers?

Reading Rangers is an online practice solution for K–5 students:

  • Designed to strengthen foundational reading skills
  • Improve vocabulary acquisition
  • Increase fluency resulting in improved comprehension

Students go on engaging journeys with Dewey the Librarian to environments that are as exciting as they are different to practice and strengthen reading skills. Teachers can be confident their students are benefitting from meaningful online reading practice. Reading Rangers content follows universal scope and sequence that can be used with any reading or intervention program.

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If you liked TJ Ticket and Ticket to Read®, you'll love Dewey and Reading Rangers!

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Implements Practice in the Five Essential Skills of Reading Instruction

Reading Rangers provides a structured and consistent routine guiding students as they practice the five essential skills necessary to become proficient readers:

  • Phonology
  • Phonics
  • Vocabulary
  • Fluency
  • Comprehension

Reading Rangers Provides:

  • Defined and consistent delivery of activities that follow the structured path of learning
  • Multiple opportunities to learn new vocabulary, use vocabulary, listen to fluent reading, practice fluent reading, and illustrate acquisition of reading comprehension
  • Specific learning activities designed for students in the acquisition phase of foundational literacy skills
  • Reports that show how students are performing and detail where they may be struggling
  • The ability to assign lessons that align with any reading program in use
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Self-directed reading practice that supports any reading or intervention program