Comprehensive Word Study Program

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What is Primary Spelling by Pattern?

Primary Spelling by Pattern is a teacher resource for grades 1–3 that includes activities, games, and songs to help students understand and use the regular sound-symbol patterns of English. It goes beyond a regular spelling program to provide a comprehensive word-study program.


Cumulative, systematic, explicit, and effective instructional techniques


Spelling skills and concepts


Engaging practice in context with multisyllabic and more difficult words


Word games, songs, poems, stories with pattern words, and story dictations to teach high-frequency words


Flexible implementation options for teachers


Why Primary Spelling by Pattern?

  • Departs from a traditional emphasis on rote memorization of word lists
  • Students learn basic spelling patterns in conjunction with decoding patterns
  • Skills are introduced in sequence to match the instruction of decoding strategies
  • Special memory strategies are taught for irregular words

Who Benefits from Primary Spelling by Pattern?

Students in grades 1–3 who are learning to spell and decode words benefit from the intentional instruction delivered in Primary Spelling by Pattern.


Make spelling fun and engaging for your students