What is I’ve DIBEL’d, Now What?

Getting the most out of DIBELS® Next requires using the data to make critical instructional adjustments. Developed for anyone using or supporting DIBELS Next, I've DIBEL'd, Now What? Next Edition provides educators with a concrete process for interpreting and using DIBELS Next data to plan effective intervention instruction. 

Why I’ve DIBEL’d, Now What?

  • Connects DIBELS Next data directly to instructional decisions
  • Provides all-new intervention activities that are tied directly to DIBELS Next strands
  • Offers a step-by-step process for analyzing error patterns and scoring booklets
  • Describes how to group students and plan the type of instruction each group needs
  • Includes sample intervention plans for immediate implementation
  • Positions DIBELS Next within a Response to Intervention (RTI) framework
  • Helps teachers identify if further diagnostic assessment is needed
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