Knox County Schools, Knoxville, Tennessee

“[LETRS] provides a deeper understanding of how to teach reading, how the brain works, what things happen to develop that skill in reading…along with the embedded professional development of LANGUAGE! Live, those two things work together to make our teachers much more effective in evaluating those skill deficits and treating them.”

Millicent Smith, Executive Director
Curriculum/Instruction/Professional Development
Knoxville County Schools, TN

Dylan's Story: Middle School Student Diagnosed with Dyslexia Overcomes Struggles with Reading

Dyslexic middle school student, Dylan, struggled for years with reading until he began receiving reading intervention with a well-trained teacher in Knox County Schools (TN) using the LANGUAGE! Live program. Dylan’s mom shares how the blended approach of technology and teacher-led instruction now has her son on track to move to the school’s Honors program.

"He's feeling so good about his achievements that he thinks he's going to be moved to the honor classes. There's nothing more a parent can ask for. He feels good about himself and [is making] steps in reading as we go along."

Dylan's Mother

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