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On Student Engagement (0:35)

 "The students aren’t trying to break down the door to get out of the classroom; they’re really staying engaged and focused."

Maurice D. Cannon Sr., Executive Principal
Burke Middle High School

One Student's Story (1:06)

"When you break down the words, and they [the video tutors] help us understand it, I feel as though it really helps a lot."

8th Grade Student
Jerry Zucker Middle School


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Balances mastery of foundational skills through online learning with teacher-directed small- or large-group instruction in more advanced literacy skills, such as close reading, writing, speaking, and oral comprehension.

Grade Level: High School,  Middle School
Subject: Reading
Format: Digital & Print

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Charleston County: Students Using LANGUAGE! Live Have Amazing Results

One hundred percent of the middle school students in Charleston County Schools (SC) who participated in the LANGUAGE! Live reading intervention program experienced significant gains in their Lexile scores. Watch teachers and administrators discuss the impact the program has had district-wide and how students are now succeeding across all content areas because of improved reading and writing skills.

"It’s building that confidence for them, where at 16, they kind of felt like a failure, ‘I can’t do it; I can’t go to high school. Now they have the success that they can do it; they know they can do it now."

Master Reading Teacher
Burke Middle High School
Charleston, South Carolina