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On Exiting the Program


Principal Sean Prince talks about implementing with fidelity and the significant results that Bartlett High School students are seeing because teachers and students are committed to making progress.

"They're going to go right into a regular English class because they belong there, they deserve to be there, and now they have the skills to move forward to be successful."

Sean Prince, Principal
Bartlett High School – Anchorage, Alaska

On Changing One Student's Life


In a few short months receiving LANGUAGE!® Live instruction, this Bartlett High School 9th grader doubled his Lexile score. He grew from being mostly quiet in class to contributing to small-group discussions. What a way to end the school year!

"LANGUAGE! Live helped me read much better and have a little bit of imagination."

9th Grade Student
Bartlett High School – Anchorage, Alaska

"This program is life-changing, and it’s going to impact the quality of people’s lives, which is generational. It impacts that child and then their children … and then their children. They can have the lives that they deserve."

Antavia Hamilton-Ochs, Teacher
Bartlett High School – Anchorage, Alaska


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Balances mastery of foundational skills through online learning with teacher-directed small- or large-group instruction in more advanced literacy skills, such as close reading, writing, speaking, and oral comprehension.

Grade Level: High School,  Middle School
Subject: Reading
Format: Digital & Print

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LANGUAGE! Live: Life Changing Reading Intervention

Watch Antavia Hamilton-Ochs, an English teacher at Bartlett High School (Anchorage, AK) discuss the phenomenal progress her students have made using LANGUAGE! Live. Students who were failing across subject areas because of their poor reading skills are now succeeding and have bright futures – academically and in life.