Successful Pilot Leads to District-wide Implementation

An administrator and teacher in Alamance-Burlington Schools (NC), discuss the benefits of Vmath. After piloting the program with 4 schools in the district, they saw an average quantile gain of 318Q (1.5 to 2.5 time typical growth), which resulted in the district adopting the program in all 20 schools.

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On Two Students’ Progress in Math

"They need those visuals, they need those hands-on activities…for them to actually put their hands on and be able to do that—that helps connect it."

Melanie Newton, Teacher
Alexander Wilson Elementary—Burlington, North Carolina

On Gains Second Graders Have Made in Math

"Using Vmath, we have the potential of students exiting EC Services because they are making such great growth in their math goals."

Jennifer Enter, Program Specialist
Alamance-Burlington Schools, North Carolina

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