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Evidence-Aligned Reading Instruction: Transforming Your School or District

Dr. Heidi Beverine-Curry
Chief Academic Officer, The Reading League
Heidi Beverine-Curry
Dr. Heidi Beverine-Curry

Dr. Heidi Beverine-Curry is a co-founder and chief academic officer for The Reading League, where she oversees the professional development department and designs, supervises, and delivers educator learning opportunities for more than 60 partnering school districts. Dr. Beverine-Curry is frequently invited to speak about the science of reading and has presented widely at conferences and events across the U.S. and internationally. Before beginning work for The Reading League full time in 2019, she spent 21 years working in public schools, where she made use of her certifications in elementary education, K–12 special education, and K–12 reading education. When Dr. Beverine-Curry began her doctoral coursework in reading education in 2006, she became a champion for evidence-aligned literacy instruction and has led a number of successful reform efforts. She was an adjunct professor at Syracuse University and SUNY Oswego, where she specialized in teaching clinical reading intervention coursework.

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Release Date: Monday, May 27, 2024

School change is hard…but it can be done! Join us as we talk about what it takes to transform a school’s culture of practice to be more aligned with the scientific evidence base on reading, and why it’s worth the effort. Dr. Heidi Beverine-Curry of The Reading League will share how a single school or entire district can transition successfully to teaching reading based on science, and how that transition can dramatically improve overall literacy and student outcomes.

Join us as we discuss:

  • What it takes to transform a school toward alignment with the scientific evidence base on reading
  • Common obstacles and tips for overcoming them
  • Examples of what is possible from The Reading League’s real-life work with schools


We hope you’ll join the conversation as we talk with the inspirational Dr. Beverine-Curry!