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Missouri DESE-Approved Solutions to Launch Successful Readers

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Modified on May 16, 2024

The Missouri Read, Lead, Exceed initiative is the state's comprehensive plan from the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to dedicate $25 million in state funding and $35 million in federal relief funding to invest in student literacy through educator training and materials that support the science of reading.

The state created the opportunity for K–5 teachers to receive literacy professional development through LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling). LETRS professional learning equips educators with the skills to effectively teach language and literacy.

Missouri DESE-Approved Solutions to Launch Successtu Readers

In addition to the LETRS training for educators, the Missouri Read, Lead, Exceed Initiative provides a statewide list of high-quality instructional materials for K–5 reading instruction highlighting examples of evidence-based materials.

Voyager Sopris Learning® offers two Missouri DESE-approved reading interventions based on the science of reading, aligning instruction to personalized learning paths to meet the unique needs of all students. 

These materials fit the requirements of the Missouri Read, Lead, Succeed Initiative.

  • Voyager Passport

    Voyager Passport® is an research-proven intervention for students in grades K–5. Voyager Passport accelerates student literacy achievement by targeting critical skills and providing strategies learners need to become fluent, on-level readers.


    REWARDS® is a series of short-term reading and writing interventions for students in grades 4–12. It is powerful learning for students who struggle reading multisyllabic words and comprehending content-area text. REWARDS increases student success in content-area classes where advanced reading skills are needed to understand concepts and context. It improves student fluency, vocabulary knowledge, and comprehension skills.

Ready to dive into the Science of Reading with aligned intervention solutions?

Backed by decades of literacy research, our assessment and intervention products are built on the science of reading. Explore our evidence-based K–12 solutions and help get your students on the path to success.