Webinar Series

The How and Why of Implementing
a Sound Wall

Reading Science

Have you ever wanted to implement a sound wall, but are not sure how to get started? In this informative webinar, literacy and sound wall expert Dr. Mary Dahlgren will share the basics of setting up and implementing a sound wall, including how sound walls support the science of reading. If you already are implementing a sound wall, Dr. Dahlgren will show you the latest ways to improve it to increase reading skills.

During the webinar, Dr. Dahlgren will discuss::

  • The best way to arrange a sound wall 
  • Introducing the sounds in a sound wall
  • How to implement a sound wall once it is set up 



Mary Dahlgren
Dr. Mary Dahlgren

Mary Ellis Dahlgren, Ed.D., is president of Tools 4 Reading. She is an experienced educator with more than 25 years in the field of education having served as a dyslexia therapist, elementary classroom teacher, international literacy consultant, and author. She is the author of a highly successful phonics tool kit which includes Kid Lips® and Phoneme-Grapheme Instructional Cards for elementary, special education, and English language learner teachers. She also is a national trainer for the distinguished teacher curriculum LETRS® (Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling). She is the former executive director of Payne Education Center, a nonprofit teacher training center in Oklahoma. Dr. Dahlgren is a founding board member of a school for adjudicated youth, SeeWorth Academy, organized by the late Chief Justice Alma Wilson. Dr. Dahlgren’s passion is to help everyone involved with reading instruction to feel equipped and confident in providing the highest quality instruction possible. She also is president of The Reading League Oklahoma Chapter.

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