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Research-Based Writing Instruction for California: Step Up to Writing®

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Use a Writing Solution That Provides Multimodal Instruction for Grades K–12

The science of reading recognizes the importance of including both writing and reading in literacy intervention and development. They reinforce each other. Students need a writing solution with explicit instruction and a systematic approach focused on the three types of writing emphasized in state standards:

  • Informative/explanatory
  • Opinion/argument
  • Narrative writing
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K-12 Writing Curriculum

About Step Up to Writing

Step Up to Writing is a comprehensive program of multisensory writing strategies that develop students’ ability to create thoughtful, well-written compositions. One size doesn’t ever fit all. With this in mind, Step Up to Writing provides specialized instruction and differentiation based on student needs, including those with dyslexia, throughout hundreds of strategies that exist across the grade bands (K–2, 3–5, 6–8, and 9–12).

Additional Resources

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Brochure: How Step Up to Writing Aligns to the Science of Reading

Although reading and writing instruction are usually taught separately, they are both informed by the science of reading and reinforce each other throughout literacy development. Just as teaching students how to read requires explicit and systematic instruction, the same is true of writing instruction. In fact, writing is one of the most effective ways to improve reading proficiency.

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Podcast: How Handwriting Supports the Science of Reading

While assistive technology can help students with writing problems, it does not remove the importance of teaching explicit handwriting. Handwriting reinforces reading and spelling skills, and is linked to reading and spelling achievement. In this insightful podcast, you will learn how the science of writing supports the science of reading and strategies educators can use immediately in the classroom to build handwriting into their daily lessons.

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White Paper: Connecting Handwriting to the Science of Reading

Handwriting is back in the writing curriculum after a long absence. Educators now understand teaching handwriting explicitly is firmly linked to reading and spelling achievement. Although it never disappeared totally, it was de-emphasized in most districts. But it’s now clear handwriting plays a critical role in literacy and is making a comeback.

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