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Licenses to the Step Up to Writing® Online Teacher Resources are delivered to and managed through eLibrary, a lightweight online bookshelf and license management system for Voyager Sopris programs that don’t require students to be rostered.

1. Using your Start-Up Email, log into eLibrary

If you purchased Step Up to Writing directly, you likely received an email shortly after purchase, which included a username and password.

If Step Up to Writing was purchased for you, you should have received an email with “Step Up to Writing Online Teacher Resources” in the subject line.

  • Follow the click here link within the email
  • If you have an eLibrary or VPORT® account, enter your username and password
  • If you don’t have an eLibrary or VPORT account, create an account, then log in

Start-Up Emails come from They can sometimes end up in Spam/Junk folders.

eLibrary Login

2. Add items to your Bookshelf or Give to others

To enable access to Online Teacher Resources for yourself, select Add to Bookshelf. If you need to distribute licenses to others, select Give, then use the tool on the left to send license-embedded emails to end users.

eLibrary SUTW Bookshelf

3. Access the Online Teacher Resources

Once added to your Bookshelf, Online Teacher Resources can be accessed from the Bookshelf or by logging in at

SUTW Teacher Resource Center

4. Contact Voyager Sopris Support

Call your Voyager Sopris Learning® support team with technical or content questions: 800.547.6747 or email