Support the Individuality of Each and Every Learner, Regardless of Age or Preparation

One size fits all never works. With this in mind, Step Up to Writing Fourth Edition provides variation and differentiation based on each student’s needs throughout 1,100+ strategies, across all four grade bands. Optional “Craft and Style” callouts within the strategies teach the three major text types while also providing opportunities for additional depth and richness.

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Step Up to Writing provides provides the specialized instruction to meet the needs of diverse student groups.

General Education


  • Strategies boost student writing to the next level
  • Solid structure across the types of writing assignments
  • Revision guidance
  • Consistent strategies and multiple opportunities for practice


  • Focus on organizing information strategically to increase written impact
  • Writers learn to effectively articulate complex thoughts and content
  • Students perceive shades of meaning within words


  • Oral language development is encouraged
  • Students develop an academic vocabulary
  • Students stay actively involved
  • Emphasis on relating and organizing information


  • Strategies make abstract concepts concrete
  • Guidance for better reading comprehension
  • Use of multisensory approaches
  • Confidence is built incrementally
  • Organization and planning skills are emphasized
Gifted and Talented

Study after Study Demonstrates the Effectiveness of Step Up to Writing


“Comparisons of baseline data to outcome data suggested that using a graphic organizer and a checklist improved students’ ability to write an article summary. My target students improved their average score from a 4.8 to a 9.5. The class average improved from 6.8 to 9.8 out of a total of 12 points.”

Nguyen, S. (2009). Graphic organizer and checklist: Strategies to improve summarization skills. (Master’s thesis). Retrieved from ProQuest. (1471124)

SIGNIFICANT GROWTH in Expository Reading Comprehension and Writing

“All students showed significant growth in expository reading comprehension and writing, which was of comparable magnitude for both native English speakers and English language learners.”

Smith, K. A. (2008). Reading writers and writing readers: The impact of the Step Up to Writing literacy program on diverse 6th grade students. University of California, Irvine, and University of California, Los Angeles. (3334588)


“Improvement in organization was demonstrated through increase in use of transition words and appropriate order of sentence structures; improvement in content quality was demonstrated through increase in details and explanation/example sentences, as well as the strength of support.”

Velasco, R. (2009). Step Up to Writing, step into summaries: Improving the organization of student summary writing with the use of outlines. (Master’s thesis). (1471136)

How Step Up to Writing Aligns with Your State

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Success Stories


Students improve their writing skills and build confidence at John Williams School No. 5, Rochester, NY

John Williams School No. 5 began implementing Step Up to Writing Fourth Edition school-wide to meet rigorous writing standards and help every student, at every skill level, learn to write thoughtful and organized compositions. Teacher Kelli Monique Briggs teaches her middle school students how to form effective arguments by providing writing assignments that are relevant to their daily lives and that prepare them for writing in high school and beyond.

“When our kids were taking the state exams or any type of essay, they would tense up and get nervous. Now, they know to organize it [their writing].”

—Kelli Monique Briggs, Teacher, John Williams School No. 5, Rochester, NY

Improved student writing leads to higher test scores for students at Corona-Norco Unified School District, Riverside County, California

Corona-Norco Unified School District began implementing Step Up to Writing district-wide 10 years ago to to improve student writing and meet state standards. As a result, students have made gains on the California State Test, with writing being one of CNUSD students’ strongest areas.


“We really saw a great development of the writing process, which is so vague if you don’t have a writing system. To have one district-wide, from primary all the way up to high school, is so strong for our district.”

—Beth Feaster, Principal, Temescal Valley Elementary School, Corona-Norco Unified School District