With TransMath, Students Become Algebra-Ready

TransMath Third Edition, a comprehensive math intervention curriculum, targets middle and high school students who lack the foundational skills necessary to enter algebra and are two or more years below grade-level in math. The newest edition emphasizes fewer topics, in greater depth, while accelerating students to more advanced math, from number sense to rational numbers to understanding algebra.

TransMath has proven, effective elements that accelerate students toward grade-level mathematics through strong teacher support with lesson-by-lesson models.

TransMath’s research-based approach:

  • Concrete and Visual Representations
  • The Controlling of Cognitive Load
  • Distributed Practice
  • Varied Opportunities for Communication
  • Multiple Forms of Assessment

Results Show Consistent Gains in School Districts Across the Country

TransMath Quantile growth level 1
TransMath Quantile growth level 2
TransMath Quantile growth level 3

District-wide High School Students Gain 23% Overall Growth in Math

Using TransMath district-wide, high school students in Alamance-Burlington School District (NC), have experienced solid growth in their math scores.

“This last semester, in the fall, we had 23 percent overall growth in our students who were in TransMath Level Three, and that was looking at in all of our six of our traditional high schools.”

—April Brantley, Program Specialist, Middle and Secondary Alamance-Burlington School District, Burlington, NC