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Cost-Effective, Time-Efficient,
Reliable Diagnostic Reading Tools

Acadience Reading Diagnostic solutions, also published as DIBELS® Deep, are advanced assessment tools for K–5 students who have not yet reached their grade-level benchmark goals or for students who may have met some benchmark goals but are struggling with essential skills.

The tools are a set of brief measures that are individually administered, untimed assessments of critical reading skills.

Acadience Reading Diagnostic: Phonemic Awareness & Word Reading and Decoding (also published as DIBELS Deep: PA & WRD) is a diagnostic assessment of phonemic awareness, word reading, and decoding skills linked to screening information from Acadience Reading.

Help Educators Bridge the Gap between Data and Instruction

Acadience Reading Diagnostic targets the needs of struggling readers by helping educators address:

  • The types of supports needed for students
  • How students should be grouped
  • Which specific skills should be the focus of instruction
  • Which instructional strategies should be implemented

Empower Your Literacy Educators with Acadience Reading Diagnostic Solutions:

The materials used in Acadience Reading Diagnostic: Phonemic Awareness & Word Reading and Decoding and Acadience Reading Diagnostic: Comprehension, Fluency, & Oral Language (also published as DIBELS Deep) are:

  • Focused on Phonemic Awareness and Word Reading and Decoding
  • Easily administered and highly rated in terms of usefulness of data
  • Aligned with the Common Core State Standards and other State Standards
  • Time efficient (approx. 10 minutes each) and cost effective
  • Correlated to Acadience Reading K–6, but can also be used for students who are not reaching benchmark on any screener