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Authored by Literacy Expert Dr. Louisa Moats

What is LANGUAGE! Live California?

LANGUAGE! Live California offers more for struggling readers than any other product. Proven foundational and advanced reading intervention. Peer-to-peer instruction. Literacy brain science. A captivating modern, digital platform for grades 4–12. All in one affordable solution. More is possible.

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LANGUAGE! Live Californai

Why LANGUAGE! Live California?

  • Aligns to California Common Core State Standards (CCSS)
  • Prepares students for the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP)
  • Supports the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC)
  • Supports the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP)
  • Built for Program 4
  • Supports AB 1369
  • Personalized and self-paced online instruction
  • Comprehensive language arts curriculum
  • Easy implementation
  • Quickly moves students to more advanced skills through leveling
  • Struggling readers excel to close the gap faster than with any other literacy product
  • Engaging and age-appropriate
  • Uses innovative technology to strengthen phonemic awareness
  • Leverages teacher guidance for language arts curriculum
  • Merges leading-edge research and data-driven assessment in a unique, motivational, classroom-tested approach
  • Provides the flexibility to implement in any classroom
  • Affordable, straightforward pricing
Louisa Moats, Ed.D.

Respected Authorship

Dr. Louisa C. Moats

Author of LETRS and LANGUAGE! Live

Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D., is a nationally recognized authority on literacy education and is widely acclaimed as a researcher, speaker, consultant, and trainer. Dr. Moats received her doctorate in reading and human development from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and is widely published on reading instruction, the professional development of teachers, and the relationship between language, reading, and spelling. Dr. Moats also served as Vice President of the International Dyslexia Association.

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The LANGUAGE! Live Difference

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from satisfied customers about how LANGUAGE! Live has made an impact in their districts, schools, and classrooms.

Middle School Students Across Charleston Feel Pride in Their Reading Growth

“It’s building that confidence for them, where at 16, they kind of felt like a failure, ‘I can’t do it; I can’t go to high school. Now, they have the success that they can do it; they know they can do it now.”
— Jennifer McMillan, Master Reading Teacher, Burke Middle High School, Charleston, SC

Dramatic Gains in Lexile Scores at Bartlett High School, Anchorage, AK

“Everybody is working in a much smaller student-to-teacher ratio, and people are getting a lot more individual instruction.”
— Antavia Hamilton-Ochs, Teacher, Bartlett High School, Anchorage, AK

LANGUAGE! Live and LETRS Are Changing Lives at Syracuse City School District

If you can move these kids, so when they go to high school they don’t feel so far gone, you have literally changed the trajectory of their lives.
— Rhonda Zajac, Director of English Language Arts, Syracuse City School District

Proven Results

Almost 2 Years' Growth in One Year!

With LANGUAGE! Live California, a good implementation equals good results. Students exceed typical gains and close the gap faster than with any other literacy product. For example, with a 45-minute implementation, it is common for teachers to facilitate classrooms in which students have completed 6 to 7 units in Word Training and Text Training. Research show that a well-balanced program leads to great results.*

*Annual growth based on Scammacca, N. K., Fall, A., & Roberts, G. (2015). Benchmarks for expected annual academic growth for students in the bottom quartile of the normative distribution. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 8, 366–379

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Research Driven

LANGUAGE! Live California responds to and embodies research about adolescent poor readers, effective instruction, and the most advantageous use of computer-assisted learning. Read the LANGUAGE! Live Research Foundation to learn how we help adolescent students keep up with the accelerating demands of the global knowledge economy.

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What People are Saying

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Take the tour and see how this proven program uses leveling to meet students where they are and gets them where they need to be.

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Support for Students
with Dyslexia

LANGUAGE! Live California applies the Structured Literacy approach recommended by the IDA and provides explicit, systematic, and cumulative foundational reading skill instruction for dyslexia intervention.

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Have ELD Students?

Learn how Everyday English Plus complements LANGUAGE! Live to meet their needs.

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LANGUAGE! Live Training & Support Services

We are committed to a long-term partnership with every district that implements our solutions. Each implementation support plan is individually crafted with school and/or district administrators to meet specific needs, including making explicit connections to state standards and/or the CCSS. Districts can choose from a menu of training and support options including in-person, online, or a combination of both.

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