Inside Math

Author: Jeff Frykholm, Ph.D.
Grades: 3-6 and Intervention 5-8

Strengthen students’ understanding of fundamental middle school math concepts through the modeling and application of powerful mathematical models.

Inside Math is a supplemental program designed to strengthen students’ understanding of fundamental middle school math concepts. Appropriate for summer school, after-school, or in-school supplemental use and intervention, this program develops powerful mathematical models, such as number lines and ratio tables, to teach foundational concepts necessary for success in Algebra 1.

Focusing only on the number strand, the program develops the concepts and computational skills for both whole numbers and rational numbers, including fractions, decimals, and percents. The lessons are designed to be flexible, allowing for various forms of implementation. Each extended lesson begins with a brief discussion and teacher modeling, followed by opportunities for students to work problems, share their approaches, and discuss the problems as a class.

Classroom Book Set includes Student Edition, Books 1–8 (10 copies of each) and Teacher Edition Books A, B, and C (one copy of each).