About Gretchen Wing

Gretchen Wing is a retired high school English and Social Studies  teacher who spent most of her 20 year career in Tacoma, Washington. She holds a bachelor's degree from Harvard University and a Master's from the University  of Washington.  Now a baker at Holly B's Bakery on Lopez Island, Washington, Gretchen is pursuing a new career as author and singer-songwriter. She has published two young adult novels,  "The Flying Burgowski" and "Headwinds", and she blogs at  "Wing's World: Will Backpack for Chocolate".

  • Versatile Comprehension Strategies: Using Extended Metaphor Across Disciplines

    Posted By Gretchen Wing | Apr 05, 2017

    "Teaching poetry to kids of any age is a blast. Simile? Think of your least favorite subject and your least favorite chore and combine them with “like.” Personification? Give that chocolate-chip cookie a tone of voice as it calls you to eat it. Metaphor? If your sister were a dog, what kind would she be? During my 20 years of teaching high school English and Social Studies, however, I found the power of metaphor stretched far beyond poetry. When extended, a metaphor is more than a descriptive tool; it becomes a system for comprehending and articulating complex concepts.

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