Velocity  Is the Future of Literacy Instruction.

Transcend and Transform With Technology.

Velocity® optimizes 1:1 learning for K–5 student success in English Language Arts. It is the next generation of adaptive learning, transcending all other technologies by optimizing every aspect of a classroom. It optimizes the way teachers teach, the way students learn and the way education is experienced. Imagine a technology that empowers and enhances both teachers and students – that’s the Velocity classroom.

Velocity Is:

See how Velocity transforms classrooms and empowers both teachers and students.

Velocity Dashboard
Velocity Dashboard
Velocity Dashboard
Velocity Dashboard

Velocity is intended to help kids get on grade level no matter where their starting point may be. So that means that some kids may need up to 6x more content than others, and not just any content but highly curated content that is specific in the way their pacing requires—or the way they build knowledge requires.

—Zoran Popović
Founder and Chief Scientist, Enlearn, Seattle, WA

Revolutionizing 1:1 Instruction

Individualized. Differentiated.

Research shows that 1:1 instruction is the ideal way for students to achieve success.

Teachers are the most important assets in the classroom, and technology shouldn’t try to replace them—it should empower them. Velocity revolutionizes 1:1 instruction by interacting with each student as a personalized, online teacher aide while classroom teachers spend more face-to–face time with students who have been identified as struggling on their real-time data dashboards.

See how teachers and this advanced technology work together in the classroom.

Crafted. Customized. Real Time Adaptability.

Velocity is the only educational technology that adapts content in real-time. It constantly analyzes everything—student performance, demographics, historical data, grade level expectations, systematic patterns, and more. Velocity brings content to life for each student.

See how students get exactly the instruction they need at any given point in their individual learning progression

As the diagram below shows, each student has a unique learning path that is always evolving based on thousands of variables. Velocity’s real-time adaptability maximizes each student’s potential to achieve over time—so no two paths are the same. Hints and scaffolds are provided when students need them.

Velocity Dashboard

The lessons are explicit. It’s not just practice – it’s what every one of my students needs and I struggle to provide.

—Laura Boothe, Teacher from Seatack Elementary
Virginia Beach City Public Schools, VA Beach, VA

Actionable Data

Students need more time learning and less time taking assessments. As students use Velocity, the adaptive technology continuously learns about each student by tracking their progress and capturing every piece of data along the way—without interfering or interrupting the learning process.

Velocity not only enables teachers and administrators to monitor student achievement with customized reports; it empowers them to reinforce and reward that achievement in the moment using real-time data.

See how assessments are seamlessly embedded in student learning, putting an end to “testing” as we know it.

Real-time Insights from Teacher Dashboards
Velocity Dashboard

Props to Kedron M.! Kedron completed a lesson with 100% Quality of Correctness.

Velocity Dashboard

Nicholas K., Maria R., and others are ready for you to teach the lesson Conventions: Produce and Expand Complete Sentences as small-group instruction.

Velocity Dashboard

Keep on an eye on Charlotte A.. Charlotte worked on a lesson unsuccessfully, scoring 0% Quality of Correctness.

I like that Velocity adapts to you instead of just giving you things you aren’t good at.

—Student from Uplift Summit Academy,
Arlington, TX

A New World of Student Engagement

Rewarding. Interactive.

Every day your students are growing – they grow more curious, more independent, and more intelligent. In order to be effective, it is crucial that technology nurtures a growth mindset within your students.

While Velocity challenges students through productive struggle, it engages them in a vibrant universe of cool characters and exciting storylines that encourage confidence and involvement.


Pathway of Skills
Meet the Velocity Characters


ISTE 2016 Best of Show Winner

Tech & Learning’s prestigious awards program honors great products selected by an anonymous panel of educator judges, who scoured the exhibit hall floor during the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) 2016 conference in Denver.

The judges rated their impressions on a sliding scale, evaluating areas such as quality and effectiveness, ease of use and creative use of technology. They chose Velocity as one of the products they felt would have the most impact in the classroom and deserved to be named Best of Show for 2016.

Velocity ISTE Best of Show

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“Velocity is tailored to each student individually and meets them where they are. It pushes the students beyond their comfort zones without completely overwhelming them.”

-Teacher from Rapides Parish School District, Louisiana

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