What is Velocity?

Velocity® is a cutting-edge K–5 digital solution for ELA.

Functioning as an extension of the teacher’s presence in the classroom, Velocity continuously monitors each student’s understanding of countless subtle learning concepts, instantly adjusting lessons to make them more effective for each individual student, and providing actionable insights to the teacher throughout the process.

Velocity is adaptive, but its underpinnings and the learning outcomes that it facilitates cannot be compared to any other tool that has come before it.

A Solution for Teachers

While the teacher manages and addresses many student needs in the classroom, Velocity focuses those efforts, supports them, and assists the teacher.  Velocity provides teachers with dynamic information to address the needs of individual students, without requiring teachers to stop what they are doing and analyze additional data themselves.


Velocity Dashboard on Tablet
Continuous Monitoring Velocity continuously monitors and adjusts instruction to meet the learning needs of each student. Rather than adapting after each correct or incorrect answer, Velocity tracks and reacts to students’ work throughout each activity.
continuous student monitoring
Student Monitoring Velocity provides scaffolded support and works to help the student reach grade level expectations. Text complexity is adjusted as needed, audio is turned on or off, hints and scaffolds are served just in time - providing students what they need for success.
scaffolded support
Scaffolds By breaking down the learning process to its most fundamental components, Velocity is capable of gleaning holistic insights about a student, including how they engage with what they are reading and supporting students with information as they need it.
perfectly timed hints
Actionable Information Velocity’s granularity allows it to parse contexts accurately and meaningfully - not only making it ideal for language arts applications, but also allowing it to adapt for each teacher and classroom in addition to each student.
actionable information


Other "Adaptive" Platforms

Optimizes the actions not only on student responses but also on what happens in the classroom

Respond based on the interaction between the student and the computer in captured moments

Makes existing content 10- to 100-fold larger and curates the content to optimize learning

Shuffle content based on a student's right or wrong answer

Optimizes mastery based on engagement, persistence, and metacognition

Make adjustments in content delivered based only on proficiency of what the content can measure

Suggests specific interactions between the student and teacher and uses the feedback from the teacher to continue to optimize student outcomes

Include banks of lessons, which can be used

The lessons are explicit. It’s not just practice – it’s what every one of my students need and I struggle to provide.

—Teacher from Seatack Elementary
Virginia Beach City Public Schools, VA Beach, VA

A Solution for Students

Unlike any other “adaptive” solution available today, Velocity adapts at the thought-process level, allowing it to address each skill competency as a continuum rather than a binary.

Velocity adapts throughout the student’s work, providing scaffolded support and perfectly timed hints continuously and seamlessly, rather than adapting after a correct or incorrect response is given.

Velocity adapts according to the whole person, including their level of engagement and meta-cognitive skills.



Pathway of Skills

The Learning Engine

In order to develop this fundamentally different adaptive engine from the ground up, Voyager Sopris Learning joined forces with Enlearn, a Seattle-based nonprofit. This exclusive partnership pairs Enlearn’s deep computer science expertise and research-based recommendation engine with Voyager Sopris Learning’s unsurpassed understanding of curriculum development and effective learning pedagogy.


I like that Velocity adapts to you instead of just giving you things you aren’t good at.

—Student from Uplift Summit Academy,
Arlington, TX

Instruction and Standards

Velocity is aligned to state standards, but it doesn’t stop there. Velocity’s curriculum was developed by unpacking the standards to make sure that every skill that makes up a standard is taught completely and contextually, and that students have ample opportunities for purposeful practice.

Every skill that makes up a standard is taught completely and contextually.

Velocity’s student instruction is delivered primarily online, but also includes and supports teacher-led instruction. Across all instruction-delivery mediums, Velocity is built on the understanding that the best way to achieve student success is to encourage students’ self-understanding of the cognitive processes that underlie their own learning. Velocity helps students learn to approach new learning, monitor their understanding, and ultimately apply their thinking.

Covering all of the strands of ELA – Foundational Skills, Word Study, Grammar, and Comprehension – Velocity teaches students to think about what they are reading, create meaning from text, and develop an understanding of the language we use to read and write.

There are way too many kids out there in the world that are wonderfully plastic and adaptive and brilliant, and they don't even know it. And it is our responsibility and opportunity to open the doors for them.

—Zoran Popović
Founder and Chief Scientist, Enlearn, Seattle, WA

Reports and Data

The data and information that Velocity provides teachers is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

As you have come to expect from Voyager Sopris Learning, we have data, but with Velocity we are using more of it, and in different configurations, than ever before. Virtually every single bit of data, right down to the very last click, is used to inform the next best configuration of content for each student. We are not using just an individual’s own data to make such a decision; we are using the relevant information from every other student to deliver the most strategically personalized differentiation possible.

Velocity Dashboard

Velocity is intended to help kids get on grade level no matter where their starting point may be. So that means that some kids may need up to 6x more content than others, and not just any content but highly curated content that is specific in the way their pacing requires—or the way they build knowledge requires.

—Zoran Popović
Founder and Chief Scientist, Enlearn, Seattle, WA

Meet the Advisors

  • John Woodward John Woodward Senior Advisor
  • Beatrice Moore Luchin Beatrice Moore Luchin Advisor: Differentiation, Writing
  • Linda Forbringer Linda Forbringer Advisor: Problem-solving, Manipulatives
  • Senior Advisor Michael Milone Senior Advisor: Assessment
  • David Chard David Chard Senior Advisor
  • María Elena Argüelles María Elena Argüelles Advisor: English Language Learners
  • Nancy Boyles Nancy Boyles Advisor: Reading Comprehension, Writing
  • Richard Lena Richard Lena Advisor: Student Experience, Technology


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