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Give Your Teachers the Tools They Need to Successfully Support All Students

LETRS® for Administrators is a literacy professional development opportunity designed for leadership use with the LETRS® solution. LETRS for Administrators provides specific steps for facilitating change, developing comprehensive assessment plans, managing resources, assembling a school leadership team, and making data-based decisions.

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A Proven Approach for
Raising Reading Achievement

LETRS for Administrators is a flexible online and face-to-face training coupled with A Principal’s Primer for Raising Reading Achievement, a proven solution to help literacy leaders create the systems and structures needed to improve school- and district-wide literacy instruction

What is Principal’s Primer?

A Principal’s Primer for Raising Reading Achievement is a “how-to” manual for principals who are seeking a school-wide approach to lift the overall reading performance of an elementary or middle school population for grades K–8.

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LETRS for Administrators - online

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LETRS for Administrators professional development is for literacy leaders including principals, assistant principals, and district leaders who have teachers participating in the LETRS literacy professional development course. Online support and content provides:

  • Resources for supporting literacy improvement in your district/school
  • An overview of all eight units of the LETRS professional development course
  • Data and accountability tools

Prepare teachers and achieve literacy success

LETRS Consulting Services

As participants in LETRS begin to build a foundation in structured literacy, consulting services are offered to help teachers apply what they have learned. Educators benefit from site-based, real-time, actionable support based on specific needs, skills, and strategies for reading instruction and intervention.

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