Hernandez Middle School Students' Lives ‚ÄčAre Changing

Hernandez Middle School, Round Rock, Texas

LANGUAGE! Live Success Story

"It’s a life-changing experience, to see a student that struggled to read become a more fluent reader—it’s the most powerful thing I’ve ever encountered as an educator." 

Mario Acosta, Principal, Hernandez Middle School, Round Rock, Texas

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One Student's Story: "A Better Life" (2:17)

"For us, one of the considerations was, ‘Are there kids who other interventions haven’t worked for?"

—Sofie Vastano, ELA Teacher/Department Chair

On Intervention That Works (0:50)

"I can tell you that I definitely improved…and I like to see improvement."

8th Grade Student Hernandez Middle School

On Meeting All Students' Needs (0:51)

On Engaging One Student (0:36)


On Passing the STAAR (0:17)


On LANGUAGE! Live Texts (0:08)


On Becoming a Better Reader (0:34)