PRJ_product_redWhat is Passport Reading Journeys?

Passport Reading Journeys™, now with eBooks, is an engaging literacy solution for adolescent students reading significantly below grade level. As a research-based reading intervention solution, the program focuses on engaging and motivating students with age-appropriate instruction and content that includes real-world relevant, captivating Expedition themes and technology components that support and enhance instruction.

Why Passport Reading Journeys?

  • Motivates students to participate in lessons while also building background knowledge
  • Prepares students for high-stakes exams through the use of dynamic, online literacy activities
  • Engages students while building reading skills and helps to close the achievement gap
  • Integrates collaborative learning opportunities through technology integration
  • Provides immediate feedback to teacher and students
  • Inspires students to focus on college and career-readiness goals


Motivating for Every Student

Students naturally embrace the blended approach offered by Passport Reading Journeys, which provides real-world, relevant, captivating content and motivating technology components that make learning both fun and meaningful.


  • Engaging video segments moderated by peers
  • Interactive, student-centered online technology components
  • Informative age-appropriate, high-interest content and instruction
  • Ability to highlight, annotate, write, and bookmark digital materials
  • Activities focused on career and real-world learning
  • Dynamic platform for teachers to instruct, assign, communicate and review assessment data
  • Teacher flexibility to provide whole-group instruction, leveled small-group instruction, leveled guided independent practice
  • Assessment of comprehension and vocabulary