Nearly Two Decades of Research in Classrooms Across the U.S.

Research Base

Authored by internationally renowned researcher, speaker, and trainer, Louisa C. Moats, Ed.D., LANGUAGE! Live is grounded in a firm research foundation. The Research Base document includes the following sections: go

  • The Goals of the Curriculum
  • Guiding Principles for Effective Instruction for Adolescents Struggling with Reading
  • Can Computer-Based Instruction Help Adolescents Struggling with Reading?
  • Computer Adapted Technology to Support Differentiated Instruction
  • Computer Adapted Technology to Provide Immediate Corrective Feedback
  • Reference List

LANGUAGE! Live Field-Testing and Implementation Results

As part of the developmental process the Voyager Sopris Learning Research Team has summarized the results of the extensive field testing.

LANGUAGE! Live Field Test Data—LRS Lexile Bands

After just one semester of LANGUAGE! Live instruction, students demonstrated approximately two years of academic growth. With these gains, students are closing the achievement gap.

Findings: According to MetaMetrics, students in grades 6–8 should gain approximately two Lexiles per week of instruction. In just 16 weeks of instruction, students in LANGUAGE! Live demonstrated an average Lexile gain of 142.97 Lexiles—more than four times the expected gain for these students (Figure 1). Students in the lower Lexile bands achieved the greatest gains, as would be expected. Notably, students in the upper bands also demonstrated impressive gains. Except for students in the 301–400 Lexile band, all groups made gains beyond the standard error of measurement, indicating these averages represent true gains.

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Below click on a summary of the field-test results and a video from the field-test site Nichols Middle School!

Results with LANGUAGE! Live


Implementation Results:
Level 1

Field Test Results:
Level 2

A Rich History of Proven Effectiveness in the Classroom

LANGUAGE! 3rd and 4th Edition Proof of Effectiveness—Snapshot

See Compendium Effectiveness Data

Lee County Public Schools, Florida

At every grade level, FCAT average gains made by LANGUAGE! students were greater than those made statewide.

Denver Public Schools, Colorado

At every grade level, FCAT average gains made by LANGUAGE! students were greater than those made statewide.

Hawthorne School District, California

After eight months of LANGUAGE! instruction, students in grades 6-8 showed an average 5-point gain on the CST-ELA, while the gains for the same grades statewide was only 1.3 points.

More than one quarter of the district's sixth and seventh grade struggling readers place At or Above Grade Level in reading on the FCAT after 6.5 months of LANGUAGE! instruction.


Caldwell County, North Carolina

After eight months of LANGUAGE! instruction, students across all measured subgroups realized gains similar to general education students on NC EOG Reading Comprehension Tests.


Los Angeles County Office of Education, California

Students in LANGUAGE! program gained an average of seven months. Comparison students not receiving LANGUAGE! achieved an average gain of four months in the same period.

STAR Reading Test, average gain in Grade Equivalency (in months) over an average of 51 hours of instruction, for students at risk in grades 7 through 12 in LANGUAGE!

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