Passport with Edplicity

Voyager Passport® with Edplicity

  • K-5

Passport  Has Online Delivery Options Through the Powerful Edplicity® Web-Based Platform

Voyager Passport intervenes early to accelerate learning for students who need supplemental instruction to master priority reading skills and strategies. VoyagerPassportOverview

This blended solution includes:

  • Targeted instruction in word study, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Differentiation for diverse student populations, including English language learners
  • Integrated progress monitoring, reteaching procedures, correction support, and online data management
  • Online reading practice through Ticket to Read interactive, rewards-based learning


    Passport  in Edplicity, the All-New Web-Based 
    Teaching and Learning Platform

    Passport has always been easy to implement, now educators have the option to access the materials in an innovative cloud-based platform,Edplicity.

    Edplicity enables educators to:

    • Access all Passport materials online
    • Search and tag Passport content for specific CCSS standards
    • Upload multimedia instructional supports from the web—videos, podcasts, images…
    • Collaborate with other teachers to share instructional ideas
    • Collaborate with students to differentiate instructions and provide immediate online support