Vocabulary Through Morphemes

Vocabulary Through Morphemes

Author: Susan M. Ebbers
Grades: 4-12

Suffixes, Prefixes, and Roots for Intermediate and Secondary Grades

Vocabulary Through Morphemes

As students come to understand the connections and patterns within the English language, they become independent readers, better spellers, and more critical thinkers in all content areas. This newly revised word study resource teaches students the most common prefixes, suffixes, and roots and fosters a deeper understanding of the English language.

Students enthusiastically explore the fascinating world of morphology by learning how to analyze word structure and use context clues to find meaning. Systematic, structured, explicitly taught lessons unlock the keys to the Greek, Latin, and Anglo-Saxon origins of words and build vocabulary knowledge.

Featuring 90 lessons in structural analysis (morphology), this program focuses on vocabulary and fluency development. Students learn to decode words through morphemes (suffixes, prefixes, and roots) and to understand common prefixes and roots. Students also study analogies, related word families, and synonyms and antonyms. Detailed lesson plans provide structured, systematic instruction that helps students grasp new words and their meanings with ease.

  • Save time—each lesson can be taught in just 20 minutes
  • Improve spelling skills, fluency, vocabulary, and, ultimately, comprehension
  • Assess students at various points in the program

This Second Edition of Vocabulary through Morphemes:

  • Contains lessons that explicitly teach how compound words do (or do not) convey meaning, how suffixes and context influence syntax, and how prefixes influence spelling and word meaning
  • Includes 20 formative assessments and 7 summative assessments that track application and acquisition
  • Features more than a dozen new reading passages
  • Offers 13 Bonus Multisensory Activity Pages that feature engaging word sorts and word-building activities that make word work fun!
  • Provides a CD-ROM with all instructional materials (included with the Teacher's Guide) for display via interactive board (i.e., SMART Board) or LCD projector
  • Provides a greater emphasis on developing a rationale for studying morphology
  • Boosts interest in words, word origins, and word history
  • Fosters linguistic insight, word consciousness, and morphological awareness

I have used Vocabulary Through Morphemes for three years now in a classroom with many English Language learners. I find it is useful as a supplement to district-adopted materials, and it provides a great vocabulary development component, which is not easily available elsewhere. I use this program three times a week for 20 minutes each time, and fint it is a valuable resource for my classroom.

Jessica Fresco,
Middle School ELL Teacher
Tracy, California

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