RAVE-O Literacy Intervention


  • 1-5
RAVE-O is a one-of-a-kind, small-group reading intervention that targets serious reading challenges. Its unique, cutting-edge approach balances science and motivation to accelerate learning, close and prevent the achievement gap, and promote fluency, comprehension, and deep reading.

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Interview with author
Maryanne Wolf, Ed.D.

35 minutes
released 1/30/2012

Sopris Webinars
The Science of the Reading Brain
presented by
Assistant Director, Center for Reading and Language Research Tufts University: Stephanie Gottwald
63 minutes
original broadcast 10/29/2012

Engaging the Reading Brain with Multisensory Reading Instruction
presented by National Educational Consultant
Helen Long
56 minutes
original broadcast 9/17/2012