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Vocabulary and Oral Language: The Keys to Comprehension

This webinar focuses on the importance of vocabulary and oral language as the keys to reading comprehension. Interventions for promoting vocabulary and oral language are not as easy to design or implement as those focused on reading decoding skills, but are vital to the ultimate goal of reading, which is to read with understanding. In these unprecedented times of school closures, as educators around the globe strive to support student learning in new ways, it will be critical to not lose sight of the importance of these skills.

In this webinar, attendees will learn:

  • How vocabulary and oral language skills underlie and support reading skills
  • Which language skills are related to reading at different stages of reading development
  • Strategies for promoting vocabulary and oral language skills

Dr. Ruth Kaminski

Dr. Ruth Kaminski

Ruth A. Kaminski, Ph.D., is the CEO/COO and Director of Research and Development for Acadience Learning and co-author of Acadience Reading (previously published as DIBELS Next®) as well as earlier versions of the DIBELS® assessment[1]. Dr. Kaminski is also lead author of the early childhood literacy assessment, Acadience Reading Pre-K: PELI®. Dr. Kaminski’s academic background includes degrees in Speech Pathology, Early Childhood Special Education, and School Psychology. She has conducted research on assessment and preventative interventions for preschool and early elementary age children for the past 30 years. Dr. Kaminski has extensive experience providing consultation to Head Start agencies and public schools throughout the United States and abroad. In addition, she has over 10 years’ experience as a classroom teacher and speech/language clinician with preschool age children.

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