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Close Encounters with Students’ Spelling:
What They Tell Us About Language Learning

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When they write and spell, students show us what they know and believe about spoken and written language. If we, as educators, look with an informed eye, we can readily see what needs to be taught and what that student needs to learn. Join us for this enlightening presentation during which Dr. Louisa Moats will share her unique insight and expertise as we take a close look at writing samples and explore what they tell us about students’ instructional needs.

In this informative webinar, Dr. Moats will review:

  • Theoretical frameworks for analyzing errors in developing writers’ work
  • Signs of underdeveloped phoneme awareness
  • How to recognize what students do and do not know about vowel and consonant spellings
  • How to recognize what students do and do not know about suffixes and other morphemes
  • Why and how we can teach language through spelling and writing

For the topics presented, attendees will learn best practices and new targets of instruction.

Louisa Moats

Louisa Moats, Ed.D.

Louisa Moats, Ed.D., is the lead author of LANGUAGE! Live, a blended program for adolescent students reading below grade level. She is also the lead author of LETRS professional development for literacy educators. Dr. Moats has authored many books, journal articles, policy papers, and materials for professional development in the areas of reading, writing, and language. She received her M.A. from Peabody College of Vanderbilt and her Ed.D. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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